10th Annual "Survivors of Murdered Loved Ones" remembers those lost

Families who have forever been scarred by violence leaned on each other, Saturday, for the 10th Annual "Survivors of Murdered Loved Ones" luncheon.

Among those in attendance was Maxine McNair, the mother of Denise McNair, who was one of the four little girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in 1963.

Denise's sister, Lisa, talked at the event.

Around 100 victims who have died throughout the years were remembered.

There was also a special tribute to mothers and fathers who are still coping with their losses.

"It's been 14 years for my husband and nine years for my son," Tammy Givens said. "And, it's something you never get over. It's like a hole taken out of your heart."

"It's my responsibility to work towards finding a solution to gun violence," Birmingham Mayor, William Bell, said. "It's also my responsibility to support the parents who have lost loved-ones in their effort to communicate their loss to other families...that they become more protective of their children."

Saturday's event was put on by Parents Against Violence.