12-12-12 brings many special occasions

It is this century's last sequential date. The number "12" is special itself.

Twelve is used to define the number of months in a year, to distinguish the number of hours of day and of night, and to divide the astrological signs.

Line up three "12s" and you know people are going to make something happen on this day!

Kiam Moriya celebrated his 12th birthday. He was born at 12:12pm on December 12, 2000.Moriay says his favorite number, 12 of course.Moriya's mother, Tamara says the stars aligned to make all this possible"We quickly realized that 2012, that he would be 12, then we started looking at all the numbers lining up," she says.The Moriya family isn't the only one making a special occasion out of this day.

Juwan and Selena Dickerson tied the knot at 12:12 PM in Birmingham. It appears dozens of others wanted to do the same. Couples lined up at the Jefferson County courthouse, filling out marriage licenses.

Noah Lawrence Garner is one of five babies born at Trinity Medical Center on Wednesday.

St. Vincent's Hospital welcomed several babies today. In fact, at least 20 babies were delivered at the hospital.

It'll be another 88 years and 19 days until January 1, 2101: the next day all the digits line up.