12 arrested for selling counterfeit goods, pirated music and movies at Etowah Co. flea market

Deputies in Etowah County raided a flea market Sunday and arrested twelve people for selling various counterfeit and/or pirated items, the sheriff's office said Wednesday.Of the 12 arrested, eight were found to have holds with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Authorities seized around 3,000 CDs and DVDs with pirated music and movies, as well as 1,000 cell phone and tablet cases.Adrian Alonso Perez, 27, of Rainsville,{}Sergio Zaragoza Gonzalez, 28, and{}Julia Alonso, 23, both of Albertville, were each charged with one{}count of sale/rental of pirated recordings and one count of theft of trademark/trade secret.

Margarita R. Mendoza, 35, and Pedro O. Alvarado, 41, both of Collinsville,{}Mohamed Ali Tawfik Abdelazim, 25, of Gadsden,{}Letica Martinea-Lopez, 43, of Anniston,{}Feliciano Mendoza, 29, of Fort Payne, and Liqin Zheng, 33, of Cumming, Ga., were each charged with one count of theft of trademark/trade secret.{}

Juan Valladores Rios, 33, of Albertville, was charged with two{}counts of sale/rental of pirated recordings.Vicente Cazarez Castaneda, 46, of Collinsville and{}Martha Martinez, 41, of Crossville, were each charged with one{}count of theft of trademark/trade{}secret and two counts of sale/rental of pirated recordings.According to a release, each charge carries a $2,500 property bond.Deputies were assisted in the operation by the county's drug enforcement unit, the district attorney's office and Homeland Security Investigation officers.