12-year-old student fine after Tuesday morning hit & run accident

Advent Episcopal School (

An alleged drunk driver drove up on a sidewalk and struck a safety patrol student at Advent Episcopal Day School this morning before fleeing the scene. A quick-thinking parent jumped into action following the incident.

ABC 33/40's Edward Burch attempted to contact the mother through the school. She would not go on camera for an interview. A school representative relayed to me that the mother said she didn't do this for recognition. But that it was simply the right thing to do.

"This citizen did a wonderful job, stayed a safe distance, really aided in the investigation and we commend this citizen for what they did," says Sgt. Johnny Williams with the Birmingham Police Department credits the quick thinking of one concerned mother, with helping catch a criminal. "We had a witness who saw the accident and continued behind the vehicle, did not see anyone leave that vehicle or get out of the vehicle. And they stayed on the phone with our dispatch and our officers until they arrived to take him into custody," says Williams.At 7:30 on Tuesday morning, a driver believed to be drunk, drove up onto the curband struck 12-year-old Audrey Mercer. Mercer sustained minor injuries,was taken to Children's Hospital and released.

The driver, could face multiple charges."Leaving the scene of an accident. We will have to see the severity of the injuriesand then make a determination from there," explains Williams.A school administrator, who also declined an on camera interview, told ABC 33/40's Edward Burch that police and fire crews were on the scene within seconds of the call going out.

Administrators and police say parents should not be concerned about safety at the school. "No matter what safety measures you have in place. I don't think this could have been avoided. This child was struck close to the front door of this school," says Williams. "Unfortunately this did happen, luckily we got this person into custody due to the help of the citizen."

Charges have not yet been filed against the suspected driver.