12 year old student admits to social media school threat

Wednesday night, two separate students told their parents that they saw a post on social media about a shooting threat at Bottenfield Middle School. The parents called the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. Investigators say the social media post was made to look as though it had been posted by a teacher. But, The Sheriff's Office learned that the post was made by a fake profile, apparently created to embarrass or discredit the teacher.

The wording involved a shooting threat at the school, but investigators say they ruled out any credible threat. However, extra Sheriffs personnel were on campus Thursday as an additional safety measure, and to comfort students, faculty and parents. During the day detectives continued to question students who may have been associated with the post. The investigation led to a twelve year old student at Bottenfield Middle School, who eventually admitted to detectives that he wrote the threat. He told them he was "just playing". The student was released in to the custody if his mother pending charges in Family Court.