14-year-old charged with capital murder in Talladega County

Talladega County{}prosecutors charged a teenager with capital murder for killing a Talladega store owner earlier this month.

District attorney Steve Giddens said a 14-year-old boy shot 75-year-old Earnest Jenkins during a robbery attempt on October 4 at Jenkins' Grocery.{} The gas station, convenience store, and chainsaw repair shop{}is in the Ironaton community, near Munford.

Jenkins shot the suspect in defense during the robbery, and the teen spent about a week in a Birmingham hospital.{} Investigators arrested him after his release, and he is currently being held in a juvenile detention facility.

The juvenile is charged with capital murder during a robbery.{} Giddens said he will request{}that the{}suspect be certified as an adult for a jury trial.{} A{}district judge will make that decision, but a hearing has not been set.

Giddens said if the court grants youthful offender status for the juvenile, the charges will not change.{} However, the suspect would not have a jury trial, and the maximum penalty is three years in prison.{} A capital murder conviction as an adult is punished by life in prison without the possibility of a role.

Juveniles cannot be sentenced to capital punishment, even if convicted as an adult.

Glenn Fisackerly said he first became friends with Jenkins about 30 years. {}He has a lawnmower repair shop about a mile up the from Jenkins' repair shop.

"He was about the best there is when it comes to [fixing] chainsaws and weed eaters," Fisackerly said.

"I could come down here and he and I'd talk, or he and I'd work on a chainsaw together or work on a lawnmower.{} We just had a good time together.{} He was a good man."

Fisackerly{}said many{}in the neighborhood got gas from Jenkins because it didn't have ethanol.{} Several friends and former customers stopped by to leave flowers outside the front door, which has a Closed sign on it.

"I just can't see why anybody would kill a man like him.{} He didn't have that much money in there.{} He might have had $100 in the cash register," Fisackerly said.

He said he is{}pleased the juvenile suspect is charged with capital murder.{} He said he feels sad for the teenager but is glad the boy might be put away in prison if found guilty of killing Jenkins.

Fisackerly will miss the camaraderie he shared with his friend, whom he said was simply a fantastic fellow.

"I'd walk in there and call him a dirt bag, and he'd look up at me and he'd say 'don't call my wife like that'.{} He had a heck of a sense of humor," he said.