16th Street Baptist Church Survivor

In 1963 there were 5 girls in the bathroom of the 16th Street Baptist Church... one survived and for decades she stayed silent.

But now she says, God is calling her to tell her story.

Bernadine Layton says for many years she simply couldn't talk about it.

She also says: "I told Cynthia and other girls to come out of the bathroom. They didn't come out... Instead she looked at me ..... Said auntie let me push my hair up one more time.. I said girl come on we got to get upstairs she said just one more time... Ok hard headed children don't live half their days.... And the bomb wen off ... I have not said those words to anybody."

Bernadines says she found forgiveness to be healing.... and how Redigging our Wells is a project that is helping others heal.

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