17 year old arrested for child sexual abuse at a daycare

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office tells ABC 33/40 a 17 year old has been arrested for allegations of sexual abuse of children at a Clay daycare.

The arrest is the result of the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse at Mama'sPlace Christian Academy in Clay.{}

On August 18 2012,{}deputies received a report that the son of a day care worker had inappropriate contact with a child at the facility.{} Three other families reported similar incidents.{} There are four victims ages 5,5,4 and 3 years old.{} During the investigation it was determined that the son of one of the day care workers had been coming to the day care on a regular basis and, while he was there, abusing the children.{} All of the incidents are alleged to have occurred on the premises.{}

In the first report, made August 18, 2012, the child's mother told deputies that her 5 year old son was touching a family member in an inappropriate manner.{} When she asked why, the child replied that the suspect at the daycare had touched him that way.{} Sheriff's investigators spent several days contacting families to determine if there were any other victims.{} The day care employee has been dismissed and neither she nor her son are cooperating with the investigation citing advise from their attorney.

On August 30, 17 year old Eric Lemont Higdon was charged as an adult with the crimes of sexual abuse of a child less than twelve years old and two counts of sodomy first degree with the victim being less than twelve years old.{} He was arrested on the morning of August 31.{} Higdon posted a bond of $150,000 and was released from the Jefferson County Jail on 9/02/2012.