17 year old cold case arrest, family talks exclusively with ABC 33/40


We're learning more about a 17 year cold case. 43 year old Floyd Roger Hurst disappeared in 1997. And Friday - a break in the case. Oxford Police arrested Jack David Stovall II. He's charged with capital murder. {}He's been a person of interest since Hurst's disappearance. Local, state and federal authorities are all a part of the on-going investigation.{}ABC 33/40 spoke exclusively with Hurst's younger brother."I couldn't have had a better brother," Shurwood Hurst, Floyd's brother said.Shurwood Hurst told us, he hasn't stopped looking for his big brother since he went missing January 26, 1997."It was a shock," Hurst said. {}"I didn't believe there would be ever anything did about it or anyone caught or brought to justice."He showed us the last pictures taken of Floyd..."The part not knowing what happened to him I guess and hoping every day that something would come along and you would find out what happened to him," Hurst said.{}Shurwood told us Floyd {}was last seen at his house on Sunny Eve Road. His family tells us he was headed to the Red Horse Lounge. Records show the lounge burned 2009. What we found - it's owner was Jack Stovall II who also lived next door to the Hurst family. Hurst's brother told us he never thought this day would come."It was hard for me to believe he did it," Hurst said.{}{}"He was a good friend of mine and Floyd's. I've known him all my life nearly."He says while he's not sure what led to this arrest, it's a relief to finally have some answers."My mother is 86 years old and she's in a nursing home and I was hoping something would come out about it before my mother, something happened to her," Hurst said.{}"If you have agencies that are willing to work together with each other and be able to compile information and interview the people that need to be interviewed across borders we can get a break in the case," Chief Bill Partridge, Oxford Police said."He was a great loss to the world, as far as I was concerned - to the community," Hurst said.{}Stovall pleaded guilty later in 1997 in a federal murder for hire case. He is currently being held in the Cleburne County Jail with no bond. Investigators are asking for the public's help. {}If you have information in the case call the tip line at 256.835.6122 or leave an anonymous tip on their website.