Birmingham leaders name new principals for 18 schools

The Birmingham Board of Education has released its lists of principal changes for the upcoming school year. Eighteen new principals have been named.

In recent days, ABC 33/40 has covered growing concerns over the re-assignment of Cedric Tatum from Parker High School to Hayes K-8 School. Darrell Hudson, principal of Carver High School, will replace Tatum. All changes go into effect on July 1.

The following{}information {}is posted on{}the Board's website:

Two high schools will have new principals. Darrell Hudson, who was principal at Carver High School, will move to Parker High School. Dr. Charles Willis, who was principal at Smith Middle School, will replace Hudson at Carver.


Dr. Gwendolyn Tilghman, who was principal at Hemphill Elementary School, was named principal of the new Oxmoor Valley Elementary School. Tavis Sloan, who was principal at Jackson Elementary School, will move to Hemphill. Jackson and Hemphill are being consolidated at Hemphill.


Principals who will move from one school to another include:

  • Mario Lumzy, from Arrington Middle School, to Inglenook K-8 School
  • Robbie Sullivan, from Brown Elementary School to Ossie Ware Mitchell Middle School
  • Cedric Tatum, from Parker to Hayes K-8 School
  • Steve Brown, from Councill Elementary School to Brown. Councill is consolidating with Bush Middle School.
  • Jesse Daniel, from Hudson K-8 School to Wylam K-8 School
  • Damita Pitts, from Ossie Ware Mitchell to Washington K-8 School
  • Judith Ross, from Wylam to Bush Hills Academy
  • Eddie Cauthen, from Daniel Payne Middle School to Arrington. Daniel Payne is consolidating with South Hampton.
  • Carolyn Denson, from Center Street Middle School to Jones Valley K-8 School. Center Street is consolidating with Arrington.
  • Willie Goldsmith, from Jones Valley to Green Acres Middle School
  • Fred Stewart, from Woodlawn High School to Hudson


Dr. Demarcus Gates, an assistant principal at Huffman High School, was named principal of Smith.


Dr. Selena Florence was named principal of Oliver Elementary School. Dr. Florence is elementary supervisor of curriculum for math and science for the Jefferson County Schools. She served as assistant principal at Pleasant Grove Elementary School and taught at Adamsville Elementary School.


Dr. Elvirita Finley, who was principal at North Roebuck Elementary School, will remain as principal as the school moves into the former Martha Gaskins Middle School building. Gaskins is consolidating with Smith and Ossie Ware Mitchell middle schools.


Several principals were reappointed to their current positions. They include:

  • Brenda Dial at Putnam Middle School.
  • Johnnie Finkley at South Hampton Elementary School.
  • Milton Hopkins at Huffman Middle School
  • Cynthia Ward at Princeton Elementary School