18-wheeler carrying 46,000 pounds of aluminum overturns on I-20 West near Lincoln-Talladega exit

Photos of the scene on Interstate 20 Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013 where an 18-wheeler carrying aluminum overturned. (Photos courtesy of @ghilltide/Twitter)

An 18-wheeler carrying thousands of pounds of aluminum overturned on Interstate 20 West near the Lincoln-Talladega exit today.

The truck, owned by Celadon Trucking, was hauling an estimated 46,000 pounds of long metal bricks used for manufacturing before it crashed near the entrance ramp off the interstate around 12:30 p.m. The metal ripped through the truck's trailer during the accident, dumping onto the ground.

The Celadon truck's mangled trailer after it overturned on Interstate 20 West near the Talladega-Lincoln exit. (Photo courtesy of @ghilltide/Twitter)

There were no other vehicles involved and the driver wasn't injured.

The truck has since been towed from the accident scene.