18 year old allegedly shoots 4, kills 1 in less than 24 hrs.

{} {}17-year old Angelica Golston's mother is devastated.{} "What did my child do to make you just want to kill her like that?"

{}{} Jacqueline Golston has questions -- for 18-year old Tresvon Spencer, the man police say opened fire inside this 'Creekwood Village' apartments{}Saturday night.

{}{}{} Investigators say Spencer was playing a 'friendly' game of dominoes with Angelica Golston, when he pulled out a handgun, and started shooting.{} In questioning homicide chief, Captain Loyd Baker about the shooting, "He was there playing dominoes? Right..with the group there? dispute? no...And he just stands up and start shooting? Right"

{}{}{} Golston was shot and killed...two other females were injured.

{}{}{} Police believe Spencer was hiding out. He was wanted for allegedly shooting two men on nearby Kaulton Avenue earlier that morning. "After the first shooting, he spent a substantial amount of time at the apartment in Creekwood," said Baker.

{}{}{} However, Golston's mother questions "Where the police was -- why they didn't come looking for him before he killed my child."

{}{}{} But, authorities were on Spencer's trail.{} Captain Baker says it took most of the day to identify him as suspect in the first shooting.

{}{}{} Golston's mother say they knew Spencer. "He seemed to be a quiet little fellow. He didn't look like he would bother anybody to me."

{}{}{}{} She says he hung around the apartment complex and often visited her house.{} But, she's still clueless why he allegedly shot her daughter. "You know he wanted to be her boyfriend...but, she didn't want him. He classifying himself through the community that he was her boyfriend...but, he really wasn't her boyfriend."

{}{}{} Investigators say Spencer fled the apartments after the shooting there but U.S. Marshals captured him a short time later.

{}{}{} He's charged with murder and four counts of attempted murder.{} A total $730, 000 bond has been set.