2 power-cutting burglary bandits arrested in Tuscaloosa

Sidney Jerome Colvin, left, and Larob Keelo Bonner, right.

Two Tuscaloosa teenagers have been arrested in connection with a burglary Thursday morning, police announced today.

Sidney Jerome Colvin, 19, and Larob Keelo Bonner, 19, were arrested shortly after police responded to a burglary-in-progress call in the 5300 block of 2nd Court. Officers arrived at the home around 9:25 a.m. and found the door kicked in, as well as the power turned off by the suspects.

A Tuscaloosa police officers spotted the two suspects in a vehicle leaving the residence and proceeded to conduct a traffic stop. Both teens were taken into custody and transported to headquarters for questioning. Investigators later charged both Colvin and Bonner with one count of third-degree burglary.

Authorities continue to investigate other burglaries involving power being tampered with and doors being kicked in at the crime scenes. Additional charges may be filed at a later date.

Colvin and Bonner are currently being held in the Tuscaloosa County Jail, each on a $15,000 bond.