Birmingham man charged with murdering a mother holding her child

Sheri Williams (left)

A Birmingham man is currently being held for the murder of a 24-year-old mother who was gunned down Monday by a stray bullet as she held her 10-day-old son at her home in Gate City.

Corderious McClellan, 20, turned himself in Tuesday night at the Birmingham Police headquarters and has since been charged with capital murder. Investigators believe Williams' was not the target of the gunfire, but say it's a crime become an emotional case - even for the most experienced of investigators.{}"I heard the last shot and I jumped up when she started calling my name, ran downstairs and I heard the neighbors say Sheri has been shot," Rinda Williams, Sheri's mother said Monday.Just after the shooting, Sheri William's mother said her daughter died - protecting her child as any mother would have."She had a tight hold on her baby," Williams said. "The girl next door got the baby. She had him in a lock so he wouldn't get - she fell on the sofa right there. Blood was just gushing out of her mouth.""He was in her arms and she was shot over him, on her breast," Williams said.It was the way she died that investigators say is "shocking.""Ms Williams is a young mother who was tragically gunned down while holding her son and standing in the doorway of her apartment," Chief A.C. Roper, Birmingham Police said.Police say, thankfully, the infant wasn't injured. Williams leaves behind three children - a girl and two boys. Her family says she had been trying to move out of the Gate City neighborhood because of recent violence."This is a crime that shocked our community and our most experienced of investigators, so I'm extremely pleased that we were able to have someone charged and we believe it's the right person, within 48 hours," Chief Roper said.{}20 year old Corderious McClellan has had several other charges over the past couple of years - including {}possession of a controlled substance and theft. "This was a crime that touched a sore spot with everyone," Mayor William Bell said. "Every life is precious, but for a mother to be tending to her child and to be struck down caught everyone's attention."Police tell us there were no other shooters in this case. McClellan is being held in the Jefferson County Jail with no bond.