Man loses Hueytown home to fire just 2 years after storms destroyed his house in Concord

Marvin Godwin and his wife lost their home in Hueytown to fire Thursday. (

For the second time in two years, Marvin Godwin is dealing with the sudden loss of a home.

"Flames, fire, smoke...[it's a] disaster," Godwin said of his Hueytown home destroyed by fire Thursday.

Shortly after noon, Godwin got a call at work saying his house in the 100 block of Hazel Drive was on fire.

His neighbor, Dan Thigpen, was the first on the scene.

"I was cutting grass," he said. "First [I] saw heavy black smoke, I got my cell phone, called 911, proceeded up here and started giving dispatch the location of the fire."

Godwin and his wife of five years arrived to their home going up in flames.

"You can't describe it," Godwin said. "You just have an empty feeling."

It was an empty feeling Godwin knows all too well after he lost a house in Concord during the tornado outbreak on April 27, 2011.

"[Our] house blew away in the April tornado," he said. "We bought this, fixed it up, made it our this."

Godwin says he had just finished renovations to his house and backyard that cost thousands of dollars. Also lost in the fire were passports and cash needed for the couple's planned vacation to Mexico. They were set to depart Friday but now they are forced to stay at home, coming as yet another costly setback.

"We were headed to Mexico, tomorrow," he said, "That's out [now]. Passports, money...everything was in the house."

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Godwin remains optimistic and determined to move forward, taking pride in his experience and ability to handle tragedy along the way.

"God has a plan," he said. "Just take it as it comes, whatever He hands with it."

The Fire Marshal is investigating the fire.