Rookie contracts for Alabama's 2013 NFL Draft picks

Seven of Alabama's nine 2013 NFL Draft picks have signed contracts totaling over $27 million. (

Offensive lineman Barrett Jones became the latest former University of Alabama player to sign a rookie contract to play in the NFL when he agreed to a four-year deal with the St. Louis Rams this week.

A total of seven former Crimson Tide players of the nine drafted in April have signed contracts with NFL teams totaling over $27 million. First-pound picks Dee Milliner and Chance Warmack have yet to reach rookie deals.Based off of the NFL's rookie pay scale and deals signed by players selected in the 2012 draft, Milliner can expect to receive a little over $12 million total with a signing bonus in the range of $6-8 million. Warmack is likely to get a deal worth around $11 million with a $5-7 million signing bonus.

D.J. Fluker currently is the richest of his former teammates after he signed a 4-year deal worth{} $11.450 million, $6.6 million of which is guaranteed.

Check out the list of signed players below with the terms of their contracts according to spotrac.

PlayerTeamContractDee MillinerJets

4 years, $12.661

$7.588 signing bonus

Chance WarmackTitans

4 years, $12.166

$7.228 signing bonus

D.J. FlukerChargers

4 years, $11.450M

$6.6M signing bonus

Eddie LacyPackers

4 years,$3.392M

$847,208 signing bonus

Nico JohnsonChiefs

4 years, $2.646M

$661,500 signing bonus

Barrett JonesRams

4 years, $2.605M

$445,200 signing bonus

Jesse WilliamsSeahawks

4 years,$2.371M

$211, 052 signing bonus

Quinton Dial49ers

4 years, $2.341M

$181,652 signing bonus

Michael WilliamsLions

4 years, $2.225M

$65,148 signing bonus

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