21-year-old man killed in Brighton shooting

A family is grieving following a shooting in Brighton that left one person dead and another injured. The Alabama Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case because it says an officer was involved.There's still a lot we don't know. The ABI is not releasing many details. Hueytown Police says two suspects were involved a drug related call. One of those men was shot on the street his family says he grew up on."I still don't believe it, you know what I'm saying, that's my brother." Tyrus Robinson and his family are grieving over the death of his brother Calvin. Witnesses say Hueytown police officers chased two men down Parker Springs Road before hearing gunfire.

Witness Brisco Fuller says "I really think they didn't give the boys a chance to get out the car because I only heard them say one time on a bull horn, but couldn't make it out. Were they telling them to get out of the car or not to move or put their hands up? The door opened on the drivers side and they started shooting."{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} {}Family friend, Micheal Weeks says "They blocked him in and said there's a gun, my friend driving the car, he doesn't carry a gun."

Tyrus Robinson says all he knows is his brother is dead and his best friend, Isaiah Jones, is in the hospital. "My brother, he works at a rent-a-center, never been in trouble, you can ask the neighbors."Hueytown's police chief say the two suspects were in a drug related call{} that lead to the shooting. But, he would not say where the situation began.

Robinson's cousin{} Angela Kornegay James says "He's a 21-year-old young man who still had his life ahead of him. As an educator myself, I see a senseless killing that took place today."

ABI says all questions should be referred to the District Attorney's Office.