Free dogs, 26 acts of kindness honoring Connecticut school victims

{}{}{}{} The owner of the Tuscaloosa K-9 Camp is showing '26 Acts of Kindness' in a big way.{} The campaign was started to honor the 26 school shooting victims in Connecticut.

{}{}{}{}{} Heather 'Red'litz{}is trying to return a kind favor.{} Her facility was destroyed by a tornado in 2011. "We were{}down to a patch of dirt. We lost 22 dogs. It was epic devastation and solely by acts of kindness are we here today."

{}{}{}{}{} Red's heart went out to families of the Connecticut school shooting victims.{} "Knowing what that kind of loss and tragedy can do to someone.{} Then when we saw people were doing 26 acts of kindness, we just didn't have a lot to give."

{}{}{}{}{} So, red decided to give her skill.{} She's training 25 personal service dogs and one for search and rescue, free of charge.{} "Not only to be companion for people with say - post traumatic stress disorder or anxiety disorders."

{}{}{}{}{} The dogs which are mostly strays from the tornado that hit the area, will also be trained to pick up items, even help people who have trouble standing.

{}{}{}{}{}{} Two other trainers from Missouri are in Alabama helping Red with her 26 acts of kindness.

{}{}{}{}{} They say the dogs will not only help people, but the act helps them help the dogs.{} "For them to be able to work and have a job and be placed with a family its so important for them," said trainer Kelsey Walters.{} "People that are applying for these dogs are so excited. You can hear their hope in their words on the applications."

{}{}{}{}{}{}{}The K-9 camp{}hopes to{}have the dogs ready by{}March 31st.

{}{}{}{}{}{} Anyone can apply to{}receive one of the trained{}service dogs.{} Just{}email a request for an application at