29-year-old woman charged for triple homicide in Homewood

Three people were found dead inside a Boulder Ridge Apartment last Friday. Homewood Police arrested Anna Patricia Dominguez and charged her with 3 counts of capital murder. (

Homewood Police reports that a 29-year-old female has been charged with three counts of capital murder for the triple homicide at a Homewood apartment last week.

Police arrested Anna Patricia Dominguez and charged her for the murder deaths of Araceli Juarez-Montero, 30, and two children ages 4 and 5. Officials say Dominguez resides in Birmingham but is not a legal citizen of the United States.

Police declined to reveal the suspect's relationship with the victims, only saying Dominguez was "acquaintances" with them.

The three victims were found inside a Boulder Ridge Apartment at 110 Aspen Circle last Friday, and police say all three were brutally murdered.

"We've never had something like this in Homewood," Chief Jim Roberson, Homewood Police said. "That's why even seasoned police officers were shocked by this."

"The odds of us having even one death like this hardly ever happens," Scott McBrayer, Homewood Mayor said. "So when we have three at once, it's quite a task."

Dominquez is in police custody, awaiting transfer to the Jefferson County Jail. She does not have a bond.