2nd escapee in two months caught

The look of disappointment was all over William Bivins face.{}

Our cameras were first there when authorities caught him on back county road around noon.{} It was less than 24-hours after Bivins escaped from the STATE CATTLE RANCH.

It was relief to people in the area.{} "It concerns me -- if someone real dangerous escaped and came to put the family in Jeopardy, " says Andre Byrd.{}

Byrd has lived nearby for eight years.{} In that time, he says there have been a number of escapes from the minimum security facility.

"No one comes and inform us about it, that could be a problem because he could be right in the bushes somewhere and no one knew. They could at least come tell the people in this area."

The warden noticed Bivins missing during an afternoon roll call-Sunday.{} He's serving a 33-year sentence for robbery.

But, a convicted murderer, Timothy Richards left the Cattle Ranch in April.{} He was later captured in Ohio.

We asked, Brian Corbett with the State Department of Corrections about the back-to-back escapes.{} "We're always examining ways to increase security and see what we need to do differently as a means of our risk management -- doing our jobs. The cattle ranch is a minimum risk facility," explained Corbett.

That means some of the inmates here can even work at agencies off site.{} They're first assigned to the cattle ranch after passing a risk management assessment.

"Its examining an inmates custody level...if the inmate has spent more than 10 years in where he can be considered for a minimum outing."

While they're officers at the cattle ranch, Byrd believes too much freedom is the problem.

"I feel like if it happened two times in the last two months -- its probably going to keep happening. They feel like its too easy for us to get away," said Andre Byrd.