2nd Prostitution Sting In Birmingham Area

A prostitution sting results in four arrests throughout the Birmingham area. It's the second prostitution bust in the last week.

Mothers in Homewood didn't know the quiet neighborhood would become the backdrop for a their worst nightmare.

Cathy Lee (Homewood Resident): "I thought that was cleaned up and gone forever."

Cathy Lee has been living in Homewood for 28 years.

She says she knows there's crime in her neighborhood, but says she was shocked to find out about a two week operation leading to a prostitution sting. It resulted in the arrests of three women and one transsexual who happens to be from Homewood.

Cathy Lee (Homewood Resident): "We don't want our kids to be exposed to anything like that or to have to hear anything about that."

The operation targeted prostitutes who were advertising their services on and

Undercover officers arranged to meet them and made the arrests for offering to engage in sex for money.

Chief Deputy Randy Christian (Jefferson County Sheriff's Office): "We're not looking to be in the bedrooms of two consenting adults, there's nothing wrong with that, but you get in trouble when you start offering sexual acts for money."

Christian says officers we're tipped off by neighbors complaining about prostitution in the community.

Chief Deputy Randy Christian - "We appreciate those tips, we always said that we're as good as the people that we work for and that's the public and we always asked them to be our eyes and our ears and that's what happened here."

Meanwhile Lee feels safer now knowing that the suspects are off the street. She says people here need to pay attention to who's around them.

Cathy Lee (Homewood Resident): "I think though the neighborhood that I live in, we look after each other and I think it wouldn't have gone on long without someone reporting it."

Prostitution and solicitation are misdemeanors. If convicted, these people can face up to one year in jail and pay a fine.