3 Alabama residents headed to College Hall of Fame

{}Three Alabama residents will get a sneak peak at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta this week. {}Two from Birmingham and one from Tuscaloosa will camp out with 97 other fans of Chick-fil-A and college football.The three Alabama residents are among the 100 winners. {}They are University of Alabama fans Kristin Tice and Carrie Hinton of Birmingham and Patrick Gilbert of Tuscaloosa and are allowed to bring one guest. {}They arrive at the Hall August 13. {}The grand opening is August 23, 2014.Chick-fil-A is a founding sponsor of the Hall and will open a new restaurant next door. {}The company held a contest for college football fans around the country to write an essay about how much they love college football for a chance to stay in the Hall overnight. {}They also win a year's supply of Chick-fil-A.