33 rottweilers remain alive, at least for now

33 rottweiler dogs will avoid being least for now.

A motion to reconsider a judge's order to euthanize the dogs was filed on behalf of veterinarian, Dr. Rachel Nelson Thompson, of Moody. Thompson was involved in the dogs' rescue back in September.

The dogs were seized after two rottweilers killed 83-year-old Donald Thomas as he was checking his mail.

The motion asks that instead of killing all the animals, to evaluate them individually.

The dogs are being held at the Birmingham Jefferson County Animal Control Shelter. Richard Burgess says when he came in to work, Thursday, he fully expected to kill 33 dogs. But he says, luckily, that's no longer the case at least for right now.

He says he's still uncertain what the future holds for these dogs.

"We're hoping with everything we've got," Burgess said. "It's all, basically, going to lie on the shoulders of the district attorney and judge, once proper evaluations have been done of all the dogs."

Burgess says, in his opinion, about 30 of these dogs are healthy and could be placed in new homes.