3rd Jefferson Co. Superintendent candidate takes hot seat before BOE

Alan Dale Robbins has made his case for the Jefferson County Superintendent job.

The Jefferson County Board of Education interviewed Robbins Wednesday afternoon.

Robbins has 36 years in the education sector.{} He is a retired Associate Superintendent in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

After the interview, Robbins told ABC 33/40 that he feels he can make Jefferson County an even greater system than it already is.

"I've come from a district that is a very large district, with 164,000 students," says Robbins.{} That is why he says he will be able to tackle the challenges that come with a school system's size.{} Jefferson County has 36,000 students.

Robbins says he wants to bring a focus on student achievement to the district.{} Robbins says that happens by involving leaders across the district.

"I believe the bottom line for students is engagement and differentiation," says Robbins.{} Engagement means students need to be engaged in their learning, by doing.{} As for differentiation, Robbins says, "You have to have different strategies for different groups of learners based on their needs."

Two more candidates must be interviewed:{}

  • Dr. Julie Hannah, Director for Student Learning for the Alabama Dept. of Education will be interviewed Sept. 20th.{}
  • On Sept. 21st, Dr. Karyle Green, Supt. of East Allen Co., Indiana will be interviewed.

Dr. Stephen Nowlin, Supt. of Lee County Schools in Opelika and Brett Stanton, Supt. of Harlason County Schools in Tallapoosa, GA have already been interviewed.

The board hopes to make a decision by the first week in October.{}

Current Superintendent, Dr. Phil Hammonds, is retiring in February