41st Annual Greek Festival opens in Birmingham

All the sights, sounds and smells that Birmingham loves are back.

"It's just the place to be this weekend," Elaine Lyda said.

The 41st Annual Greek Festival is in full swing. And day one of this three-day event is booming.

In all, about 40,000 people are expected to take part over the weekend.

Gail Guin is one of them. She's been a festival goer for 20 years.

"The people, the smiles on the peoples' faces and the food," she said.

Quintus Carlisle is also a fan of the atmosphere.

"I look forward to it every year," he said. "Pretty good food, pretty good time, [the] festival and good music."

As for the volunteers, like Lyda, she says the reason the festival is always a success is because of the three "F's": fun, friendship and food.

"We are pumped up," she said. "I think they just love the food and the warm atmosphere. They can go in and hear the Greek music, see the Greek dancers...just a lot of stuff going on and you see people you haven't seen in forever."

The festival runs through Saturday, from 10:30 am to 10 pm.