Notre Dame commit Elijah Hood flushes Alabama recruiting letters down the toilet (video)

Screenshot of Hood's video showing University of Alabama recruiting letters being flushed down the toilet. (EHood34/Vine)

So how do high school football recruits narrow down their college choices these days? Flush them down the toilet, literally.

That's what Charlotte Catholic High (N.C.) four-star running back Elijah Wood did with recruiting letters mailed to him from the University of Alabama, and he captured the act on video then posted it on the web for Nick Saban and the rest of the world to see.If you are wondering why Wood would thumb his nose at Saban and his powerhouse program in Tuscaloosa, all you have to do is look at Notre Dame's current list of commitments for the 2014 class. You will see Elijah Hood's name towards the top and just next to it says, "committed April 28, 2013."

Apparently, like the rest of the Fighting Irish faithful, Hood has a sour taste in his mouth leftover from the humiliating 42-14 loss his future team suffered at the hands of the Crimson Tide in the BCS National Championship game in January. Kelly probably likes the young man's premature loyalty to the program, but he'll be sure to remind him why you don't disrespect anyone or any team in such a public manner.

How does Kelly go about such a reminder? Grab the film from his team's game on January 7, 2013, then press play. Repeat if necessary.