5 students charged with vandalizing the new Helena High School

Five teen students have been arrested for vandalism at Helena High School. (

Teen vandals are behind bars charged with causing thousands of dollars in damage to the new Helena High School. {}

Helena Detective Sergeant Chris Rollan told us, the damage is all over the new facility. Broken windows, severely damaged floors, graffiti on newly painted walls, foul language, and the vandals even discharged all fire extinguishers - adding to the damage. Rollan told us, some of the messages were so graphic we can't even show them. When officers posted the arrest information on their Facebook page - it was immediately flooded with comments from angry families who plan on sending their children to Helena's first high school.

"We're very proud of it, the community is proud of it, everybody here has worked hard to get that done, so when something happens like this,it's a slap in our face, it's personal with us," Detective Sergeant Chris Rollan said. "They are upset to think that someone would come in and do something like that especially when they were going to be a part of that school."

Detective Sergeant Rollan says they were able to find the students involved using social media along with the help of other students who came forward with information. Those five students are in the Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center charged with third degree burglary which is a felony as well as criminal mischief. More charges could be coming and at least one more arrest.

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