5-year-old boy shot by father continues recovery in hospital

Donna Bozeman is clinging to friends, family and prayers{}while her 5-year-old grandson recovers from a gunshot wound at Children's of Alabama.

Davieon Menefee was shot in the back of{}his head by his father, Brandon Menefee,{}in a Jefferson County murder-suicide March 19 at The Park at Rocky Ridge apartment complex.

"I was devastated," recalled Bozeman. "I didn't believe it."

Bozeman's daughter, 30-year-old Tiffany Bozeman, and her{}3-year-old granddaughter, Gabrielle Menefee, were killed. Their bodies, including Brandon Menefee's, were discovered March 20. Davieon was{}airlifted to Children's of Alabama, where he continues his recovery, which Bozeman calls nothing short of a miracle.

"He was never unconscious," said Bozeman. "He came to the hospital trying to speak."

Bozeman said Davieon remembers everything, including who shot him.

"He said 'Dad did it,'" said Bozeman. "I had a knot in my throat and my gut when I had to tell him his mother and sister were deceased, and the only thing he did was sigh."

Bozeman said Davieon already knew. He lay next to his sister for more than 12 hours before being discovered.

"Initially the doctors said{}he's going to be paralyzed," said Bozeman. "His left hand is his dominant hand, and he's moving it pretty well."

Bozeman isn't sure when Davieon will be released from the hospital.

She added: "I won't give up on him. We won't give up on him. He's not giving up, and that's a powerful message because whatever happens in life, there's always hope."