Mother of 5-year-old Jasper girl attacked by dog talks about daughter's recovery

Janiah Hood, 5, continues to recover at Children's of Alabama after a vicious dog attack in Jasper last week.

A Jasper girl attacked by a pit bull last week continues to recover, and her mother says her daughter is now talking and asking to go home.Janiah Hood, 5, has undergone head surgery at Children's of Alabama following the attack on the night of Aug. 23. Her mother, April Thomas, says she still needs another surgery to rebuild an ear.Little Janiah hasn't said anything about the attack that took place near her home or the dog that broke away from an outdoor leash.

"She hasn't said anything, just 'I want to go home.' That's all I can get out of her, 'I want to go home,'" said Thomas.

Thomas says her daughter loved dogs and would even talk to the pit bull's owner about them. But she now wonders if Janiah's love for K9s will turn to fear following her tragic experience, even raising the question whether to keep their own dog.

Despite the long road to recovery ahead, Thomas is thankful her daughter is alive and realizes the situation could've been much worse. She hopes the attack on Janiah will motivate Jasper police to continues its efforts in cracking down on aggressive dogs and leash laws.

A family friend and owner of the pit bull has agreed to euthanize the dog.