6 Tuskegee University students return home after being stranded in Liberia due to Ebola outbreak

TUSKEGEE, Ala. (AP) - Six Tuskegee University students are home after being stranded in Liberia for weeks because of the Ebola outbreak. The school issued a statement Tuesday night saying the students arrived at the Atlanta airport. They are all healthy with no quarantine restrictions.

Most of the students went home with relatives since they missed the start of the fall semester. They're excused from classes for now.

The school says the students will be monitored for three weeks when they return to campus to make sure they're not showing signs of illness. The six students went to Africa as part of a summer program to study abroad. Their return to the United States was delayed because of travel restrictions linked to the outbreak of the deadly disease in West Africa.Statement from Tuskegee University:

"The university will continue to follow all the directives and guidelines from the ADPH and CDC. When the students arrive on campus, the Student Health Medical Staff will medically assist, and monitor them for the recommended three weeks by recording daily temperatures and other measures. They will be advised to notify us immediately, if they develop any symptoms," said director of Tuskegee University Student Health Services, Dr. June Samuel.

"If they develop any symptoms, we will report them to the ADPH and CDC and transport students to the hospital, and other arrangements will be made, per their instructions."