71-year-old Springville librarian almost forced to retire

Betty Wisner, 71, will not have to retire from her position as the librarian at Springville Public Library.

Betty Wisner's passion is with her books.

For 13 years it's been her life.

"I like meeting the people," she said. "I like taking care of the books."

Wisner is the librarian at the Springville Public Library.

"I've always been a librarian at heart," she said. "The library is my passion."

Now she's afraid the city of Springville might be cutting her passion short.

Monday, city council approved an ordinance to require city employees to retire by the age of 72.

For Wisner...that's in August.

"There's nobody, but me, to get rid of," she said.

But according to city attorney, James Hill, it's a mistake.

Hill wrote ABC 33/40 reporter, Bryant Somerville, the following message:

"Mr. Somerville, just to clarify, please understand the ordinance at issue in Springville will not be applied to Ms. Wisner as a result of her proximity to the applicable age."

Wisner says that was never specified when the ordinance passed. She says if she was to be forced out, it would not be worth it.

"The little money [the city] would save is a drop in the bucket to what we need," Wisner said.

But she's hopeful the city will keep to its word and "grandfather" her in before she turns 72.