77,000 Alabamians have healthcare through Affordable Care Act says Enroll Alabama


Cristal Brister hasn't had health insurance in the last 2 years, but she says options through the healthcare exchange are giving her choices which she can afford.{}"Its hasn't been too big of a concern. {}Recently, getting married now and having a child and different things its more of a concern," said Brister. {}Thousands of uninsured, like Brister, flooded{}{}in search of insurance for themselves or their families. {}Several points during the day, the site shutdown because of a large number of applicants.{}Those who fail to either begin the application process or obtain health insurance by the end of March will face a fine of 95 dollars or 1 percent of their income whichever is greater.{}{}So far 77,000 Alabamians have signed up for health insurance through the marketplace. {}{}"We've really seen a lot of action here in the state of Alabama which is great for a state that hasn't expanded medicaid and that doesn't have its own exchange," said Sonja Smith with Enroll Alabama. {}{} {}{}