93 Year old Mission

Do you ever find... you are hearing new studies that confirm what your mother told you?

Health experts tell us to eat more fruit and vegetables.... to stay healthy.

93-year old Oliver Kendrick... agrees.. and has made it his mission to help spread the word.

We found him in Sylacauga.

At 93 he has a great mind you get around and your not on any drugs at all?

Oliver Kendrick/nutrition mission. I learned time I was 16 not to take no drugs.

93 year Old Oliver Kendrick says... it's a matter of faith... to help others understand how to live a full healthy life.

Stay away from processed foods.

Oliver Kendrick says he studied nutrition ... and all his life he's used this book: Diet a Key to Health... as sort of a health bible... it was written by Dr. Kleimer... in the thirties.

Kendrick:" I was looking for answers and I found this book."

Eating healthy for Kendrick has paid off... in what he describes as a very healthy life.


He agrees with health experts today... that the key to fending off disease and living a long life... is to keep a balance of vitamins and minerals... absorbed from fresh fruit and vegetables.

Health Science magazine reports... white processed flour was introduced in the early 1900's... that's when diseases such as diverticulosis, and colon cancer became more prevalent.


Oliver Kendrick also says, "People should eat food how it grows."

Kendrick says he is proof... that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

an apple is filled with a healthy dose of sodium... and potassium, which are muscle builders and protectors.

Kendrick: "Dried beans starch and protein you don't need bread."

But at 93 he says he feels it's his mission to help others live long healthy lives. that's why he wants to share his life long results.

Kendrick: "Something I enjoy doing I'm able to give em help. Course you could say too in law a man who represents himself has a fool for a client: I've always treated myself so you could say I have a fool for a patient."

He is very witty.... and made a joke about his healthy eating campaign... in Sylacauga... but his mind is very sharp... and at 93 he's still driving and moving very well.

He has a servants heart and passion for others... he doesn't want others to suffer with cancer and heart disease... and he like the health experts believe it is one of the keys to a healthier , longer life.