A Chilton County animal shelter is asking for foster families due to overcrowding

{}Winter weather caused some big headaches over the past two months in Central Alabama. For a local animal shelter, it led to extreme overcrowding. {}The Chilton County Humane Society has seen a huge surge in the number of strays coming in. "We have animals coming in daily," Jessica Terry, Chilton Humane Society Director said.After the recent Winter storms, the shelter went from over-crowded to packed-tight."We started taking in a lot of strays," Terry said. "Everyone kept saying, I found this one, I found that one."Because it's so full, the shelter is looking for foster families - like Susan Carpenter. She's taking "Choco" home until he can find a forever family.{} {} {}'They're yours, and then you move them onto their forever home," Susan Beatty Carpenter, a foster parent said.{} {} {}The shelter is now partnering with a group called Pilots and Paws - it flies animals {}to states with fewer strays."They are going to places that have stricter laws have strict breeding laws and animal control in the county and everything else," Terry said. "They don't have nearly as many strays as we do."The shelter is asking for foster family volunteers - to keep a dog or cat for a couple of weeks at a time - until they can be picked-up.{}"You're saving a life because we have so many dogs and we could save tons more if the fosters would step up and take a dog just for two weeks," Carpenter said. "You take care of it, feed it, and it's greatly rewarding."Here is a link to the Chilton County Humane Society -{} is a link to the Pilots and Paws Program -{}