A Christmas Miracle

You may agree this sounds like a Christmas miracle... a man and his dog were rescued from a wet cold camp in the woods last Christmas.

This Christmas, he has a home, a job... and a new outlook on life.

The first time I met Chris Mooneyham he was showing me his makeshift camp in the woods. A place he called home. It was pouring down rain.

Chris mooneyham was surviving a year ago at this camp... it had rained for days... and conditions were deplorable.

Chris Mooneyham: "The worst day was I had to buy a dollar poncho it was really really cold

and raining..i had max w me, it was raining so hard i looked down at my

dog he looked pitiful he was so wet i could tell he was getting cold my

tent was getting flooded. My feet were getting wet i had to get."

Two by Two volunteers helped rescue Chris and his dog Max... after they spotted him walking up and down the street.

not for himself but for his dog he finally accepted help.

My main goal is to always have my dog Max so we cannot worry about being out in the cold anymore.

i didn't care about myself i cared about my dog. he had food before i had

food. "

Chris believes God got him out of a cold dark wet place... and used his dog to help ...make it happen.

Chris: i've given my life to god just recently and i m trying to get to know

him better. it's amazing when you do that it opens up these new doors.

thompson cabinets hired him."


One year later he is working with T & D cabinets.

Chris: "Yes i build these myself if i'm not mistaken i painted these.

it feels wonderful i don't have to wonder where my next meal is

gonna come from.

i don't have to worry about being out in the weather and being out in

the cold.

My dog has a nice warm place to sleep now and he is getting healthy and

i'm healthy. i'm not hungry my stomach is not biting at me all the time...

it's overwhelming even to this day a year later... i wake up everyday being

thankful. i have work i dont have to worry... it's a blessing..

Michael Thompson and Jack Donovan hired me they turned out to

not just be my boss but my friends...they've cared about me a lot

guidance as an adult .


Does this mak you want to go out and help people?

i've been helping people...

He rescued a homeless couple and helped them get back on their feet.

Chris: "i helped em manage their money and now they're living in their own

place. i just got me a computer,i go to jeff st i willbe taking medical billing

so i can get off work and go home and make more money.

Brenda Ladun: "i have a feeling you are never gonna be homeless again."

Chris. " No a lot of things have changed kinda made me care more about

myself... it enabled me to see all the things i used to not see... it gives me

the drive to do more for myself.

that's why i'm gonna go to college cuz

whenever i finish buying my own home i cando all the work myself i

can do my cabinets sheet rock electric roof everything i can do it all i love


life is good .

yes it is its very good.

A righteous man respects the life of his animals.