A-Day Preps and Security Precautions underway

{}{} Early Friday morning, University of Alabama senior Sterling Crab was already walking around with his A-Day game handbook.{} Like him, thousands of{}fans look forward to a-day. Its kind of sneak peak at the new team's potential to reign as champions.{}{} "I think everybody's excited. We've got a lot of new talent with the new class we just got this year so, so I'm really excited to see some of the new guys play," said Crab.

{}Since it's free, more than 80,000 fans are expected to pack into Bryant Denny Stadium Saturday.{} That is why A-Day game organizers are asking those who attend to play by the rules.{} Vice President of Auxiliary Services, Gina Johnson says "It's a time that we welcome people to campus that sometimes have never been here before.'

{} Rules, such as no outside food, or strollers for example still apply.{} "No umbrella, although we're not going to need an umbrella tomorrow. And you must limit the size of your backpack or purse or package that you're bringing in to about the size of a piece of paper."

{} The restrictions are nothing knew but, because of nationwide security concerns there will be extra precautions taken to make sure game-day like policies are enforced.{} "You'll notice at the gates, just like for the Fall...there will be bag checkers there at the gate as you come in.{}{} So, every security measure we have in place for Fall football will also be in place for this A-Day game."

{}{} Other than that, most fans say its all about the offense this year.{} "We've always had a good defense, but this year I'm really excited about the offense. We really got high-powered with A J (McAron) coming back, it should be exciting."

{}{}{} The game kickoff is at 2pm.{} Gates open at 11 am.