A day with Nick and Terry Saban

Spending a day with the Saban's recently was very inspiring. Coach Saban is a winner on the football field and in the hearts of kids he helps through Nick's Kids. Terry Saban his beautiful wife inside and out, spearheads the cause.

{}When I got a chance to talk to both of them about the recent Nick's Kids Fundraising Golf tournament at Old Overton, I could see the love and passion in their eyes.

They are real and truly care about others. With all Nick Saban has to do with football, he finds time to give and give and give. I am so impressed by both of them. They are a great example of out teamwork in marriage can achieve great things.

Their hearts for kids in need started with Nick's father. He started a Pee Wee football league in their home town. He had a heart for kids then. Now Nick continues that legacy.

Nick's Kids has donated more than 2.1 Million dollars to kids in need. It is also funding 14 Habitat for Humanity homes for kids who need a home after the April 27 tornadoes.

IF you would like to join the team you can go to