A drowning victim is recovered from the Cahaba River


Right now, crews are still trying to remove the body of a fisherman from the Cahaba River.

He drowned in the river just off Highway 280 near Cahaba Beach Road.The Hoover Dive Team is on the scene.. trying to recover the victim. Birmingham Police say he was doing some fly fishing with a friend when the current pulled him under. This happened around noon.

Police say the man's waders started filling up with water when he was pulled under. His friend ran to get help and flagged down a driver -- who called 9-11.That driver, Joe White, ended up jumping into the cold water to try and save the man, but was unsuccessful.Joe White says, "I said, I got to try. I went out and it got to about my chin and the cold water took over, so I had to turn around." Birmingham Police Lt. Sean Edwards, says "One thing that is deceiving, it was such a pretty day today, but yet the lake here, it appears to be kind of aggressive and the river."Several agencies have been out here since noon working together. Police have not released the name of the victim..An investigation is still underway.