Off duty Birmingham police officer rescues two brothers trapped inside burning car

© Officer Mark Green (

Birmingham Police Officer Mark Green{}was off duty at the time of the fire and now he's recognized as a hero.

"I am a police officer I took an oath to do the right thing and that's what I did," says Officer Green. That oath that was taken last July. Green is a rookie with the Birmingham police department and doesn't consider him a hero.

Green says, "Honestly, I did what I would hope somebody would do for me." He was on his way to work Sunday morning driving down Carson road. That's when he saw a car engulfed in flames.

"I heard somebody scream help me from down where the car was on fire," says Green.

The noticed someone was inside of the burning car, and another victim was laying on the ground near the car.

"So I slid down the hill and then pulled him further away from the fire to prevent him from being burned to prevent further injury," says Green.

Green and two other bystanders stayed on the scene until firefighters arrived. The two victims were brothers and were taken to UAB hospital for treatment. Captain Brad Appleton was one of the firefighters on the scene who applauds Greens' fearlessness.

"If it hadn't of been for his actions then, this will be a whole different story probably with a sad ending," says Appleton.

"If the department keeps getting officers like this here, can't help but to be a special place," says Sgt. Raymond Cochran with the Birmingham Police Department.