A father is charged with the death of his 20 month old baby

Stephon Lindsay

A 20 month old baby is dead and her father is facing a capital murder charge. {}Police say he took them right to the spot he left his daughter's body. Family members tell us, how the girl died - was unthinkable.

Maliyah Lindsay had just learned how to walk."It's a nightmare. It's a total nightmare," May Guilford, the baby's Aunt said.But her life was cut short. Gadsden Police say, her body was found Tuesday night in a dump site next to a dead puppy."You don't really believe it's happening," Guilford said.Police say Maliyah's mother, Tasmine Thomas was asleep March fifth when the father, Stephon Lindsay took Maliyah out- saying he was going to his sister's house. Officers say on the 11th, Tasmine questioned it but after calling Lindsay's sister she found out Maliyah was never there."We know he did it," Guilford said. "He admitted it, now we know he did it."Officers arrested Lindsay and he took them to the body."The whole week when she was missing, he was smiling the whole week, laying in the bed with her acting normal, but all along Maliyah wasn't over there," Khadejah Thomas, Tasmine's sister said.The family says, Stephon practiced a different religion and recently bought a sword a weapon they say - was used to kill Maliyah."It was basically a sacrifice, what he believed in," Thomas said. "He either had to sacrifice himself or his child so that's what he did."Tasmine's sister says Stephon abused her and often took Maliyah to his sister's house to stay.{}"It was like small things and we were like it'll be ok, it'll go away and it didn't," Guilford said. "It led to death. That's the hardest part. Someone who hasn't even seen life.""If you're going through domestic violence you need to get out of it because you're not only putting your life in danger, you're putting your kids in danger," Princess Meadows, a cousin said.The family told us, the couple has another child - {}just one month old. {}The visitation is scheduled for Friday from 11 am - 8 in the evening and a vigil is planned for that night. {}The funeral is Saturday at 2 at Mission Baptist Church in Gadsden.