A kitchen disaster

About a month ago our refrigerator sprung a leak. It leaked so much it soaked our floor, our walls from the kitchen into the living room. The clean up crew did a great job drying the wet walls and floors. They even cut out trouble spots on the walls and floors. At one point we could even look right through the floor down to the crawl space under the house. I was grateful the boys were not toddlers anymore and thankful there were no small puppies in the house to fall into the abyss.

It's been about four weeks. I have not had a working oven or stove for awhile. The kitchen floor is just a plank of wood right now. We are also moving furniture out of the front of the house to get the floors replaced.

It is such a process and I hope by mid July our home will be restored. But it is a reminder to dance in the rain. Find joy in each day even if it looks like your home or your circumstances are chaotic, there is something good behind it. There will be fresh new floors. I won't have to wonder if I should pull the refrigerator out to clean behind it for awhile. And our home will hopefully be renewed after the disastrous ravage of the water.

{}Just a reminder, if you have an old appliance and you are trying to stretch out it's use. Make sure it's not on the verger of creating Niagara Falls in your home.

God Bless,