New aerospace class takes off at Shelby County school

Most high school homework isn't rocket science. That is unless it comes from a new{}engineering{}program at Oak Mountain High School.

Some high school students are launching themselves into a new world of aerospace engineering.

"I think engineering in general changes the way you think," said Kaitlyn Hill, a freshman in the class.

They've built robotic arms. Now, the students are doing the thinking for the arms.

"Building{}it was a little challenging, but now that we have to program and do some stuff with it, it's pretty fun," said Holden Paz, another freshman taking the class.

The students have built cardboard chairs and will eventually explore rocket design and participate in an airplane design contest.

But it isn't just about having fun. It's also about the job journey.

"I{}think it's important for them to have time in their high school career to make smart choices about what classes they need to take," said Paula Hughes who has an industrial engineering degree and is teaching the class.

Some freshman are already thinking about their futures and are ready to discover what's ahead.

"You get out of it what you put in.{}I like the project style- how we get creative and innovate our own things," said Hill.

It's one small step for Oak Mountain High School, one potentially giant leap for the students careers.

Hughes hopes to expand the program and offer different classes for each grade.

Oak Mountain Middle School also started a pre-engineering program. It will get students ready for the high school aerospace class