A Passion to Fight Cancer

The Conquer Cancer Run is a Matter of Faith as it encourages others through their cancer journies.

For one woman working with the American Cancer Society to make sure the race is a success is also a Matter of Faith.

Haley Shannon is a survivor. " He said the words you have cancer my heart stopped... I'm 25 years old how can{}I have cancer?"

Haley had no family history.... and since she was so young... breast cancer did come as a shock.

Haley: "I was lucky they caught it at stage 0."

That is thanks to early detection.

Haley. "Nobody enjoys going to the Dr. but if I didn't do my yearly check up{}I wouldn't have found it. {}I found it so early I had minimal treatment."

And now 5 years later she is cancer free... and helping to plan the Brenda Ladun Conquer Cancer run for the American Cancer Society.

Nick Miles is the race chair... and says getting involved with the race helps grow the message which will save lives.

Nick Miles: "It's against all cancer anybody and everybody that's been touched by cancer... we'd love for them to run in it."

Or you can come out to encourage and cheer...

Haley's has faith... that one day god will help find a cure... and believes this race is an instrument to help get to that finish line.

{}Haley: It's exciting and empowering at the same time you talk to people at the race.... all have been touched all these people are here to support me and we're all fighting hopefully nobody has to go through what{}I went through... we can get to the ... place to find a cure.