Shooting victim's wife and sons want answers concerning homicide investigation

Birmingham, AL - A life taken. Family members grieve the loss of a 37 year old man shot dead. Birmingham police are investigating. A family is asking questions as police hear conflicting stories about the shooting death of Jake Nelson, Junior.

People who live near spot Nelson took his last breathe told ABC 33/40 they saw and heard things, but did not think any of it was helpful to police. Nelson's wife and children want those people to speak up. The family believes something is not right.

The yellow police tape gives an idea. A bloody piece of a mini-blind offers a clue.

"I just want the neighbors to come forward and let everyone know what really happened," said Nelson's wife, Laquita Nelson.

Nelson, Jr. is dead. Birmingham Police investigators know someone shot Nelson Friday.

But, who?

"I know you are scared sometimes and don't want to get involved. But, this was a good man. Truly and indeed," added Nelson.

Investigators first thought Nelson broke into someone's home on Pineview road.

"My dad has never broken into anyone's house even when we had nothing. My dad did not break into houses," said Nelson's son, Jake Nelson, III.

Witnesses gave conflicting stories. Investigators cleared Nelson of breaking into the home.

"He was a good man and good father. I've been with him since I was 17 years of age. I am now 37 now. We were never apart. He's always been there for his sons and raised them up in church," added Laquita Nelson.

Nelson's wife is disturbed by what she says people are telling her family.

"It didn't sound right. The way he was found with half his clothes on, he had been beaten and run over," added Laquita Nelson.

Nelson's two sons and wife are left holding each other along with Jake's shirt as they wait for answers.

"It kind of has his smell. I feel the closeness to him by just having this on me," added Laquita Nelson.

Nelson's wife and sons told ABC 33/40 the family was planning to soon celebrate the birth of a child and not the life of a man. Nelson was about to become a grandfather.