A study of selfies

When on any social networking website, you will probably see a selfie or two.{} You may think you know who takes the most selfies, but some surprising information emerged from a new look at the online trend.First, we should start by defining the term.{} A selfie is a type of self-portrait.{} It's a picture taken with a camera by someone, of that same person.{} We've seen President Barack Obama set a retweeting record with his inauguration selfie with Michelle.{} Sunday night, Ellen DeGeneres broke that record with a star-studded selfie that was retweeted more than two million times during the Oscars.{} Needless to say, this way of taking a picture is pretty popular.{} That is why the project selfiecity devoted a lot of research to the phenomenon. Researchers from City University of New York, California Institute of Telecommunication and Information, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation studied and cataloged thousands of selfies shared online from social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram.{} The pictures were taken from people living in New York, Moscow, Berlin, Bangkok, and Sao Paulo. So, you may not be surprised to find out that women take significantly more selfies than women.{} Women also tend to "pose" more often.{} The report showed the average amount of head tilt is 150% higher for women.{} You may, however, should note a change when women hit the age of 40.{} The trend completely changes.{} Men over 40 years of age snap more self portraits.{} The median age of selfie snappers is 23.7. {}Researchers say selfies have become more than self promotion or from people with inflated egos.{} It is also now about creative self expression.{} The trend has turned into a communal and social practice.