A tragic walk in Birmingham park changes family's path

A candle light vigil for McDaniel Watson.He and his wife were taking a walk in George Ward Park Friday night when police say someone tried to rob him.McDaniel was shot in the head and pronounced dead at UAB.The family's house burned down last year and they were getting ready for a new start.McDaniel Watson was suppose to start a new job.In fact, he and his wife were not even suppose to be here Friday."My husband. He was funny sweet. He loved his family, he loved his mother, he loved kids, he loved me." Tracy Watson says it happened so fast."I heard him say something about a wallet and I heard my husband say something back and when I turned around to see what was happening, he shot him."She and her husband McDaniel were walking and talking about life in George Ward Park... when his life was taken. "I screamed, nobody came to help. nobody helped us.""He still had his bible in his front pocket." "The Lord just took him on home." Cellie Watson says her son loved the Lord, loved people."He gave him to me 51 years and I was glad of that. There's nothing for me to be sad about. Whoever did this to my child, they're going to get it. the lord will take care of it.""We will pray something happen to help stop all this senseless violence." Friends and and family.. lit candles in his memory Wednesday. His family had so much to look forward to.Tracy says, "He was suppose to go to Dothan Tuesday to start a new job. We both work on aircraft. He was a sheet metal mechanic and I'm an aircraft electrician."Tracy says they were suppose to close on a house in Georgia Friday, but it didn't happen. So, they came back to Birmingham. A simple walk in the park now changes her family's path. She's finding strength in her children. "I'm going to get the kids, pray they'll be okay and try to let them know. Life goes on and daddy still loves them from where he is right now with God."Police are still looking for the suspect in the shooting.McDaniel Watson's funeral will be Saturday at Jeffries Church on Jefferson Avenue at 11a.m.