A Tuscaloosa home owner turns the tables on a would be burglar

This morning Tuscaloosa Police Officers responded to a reported home invasion on Pinbrook Lane. When officers arrived they found the home owner holding the suspect, 21 year old Daniel Pearman at gunpoint.{} The home owner told officers that he and his wife were having breakfast on their back porch when the Pearman entered their back yard wearing a mask and armed with a machete. He demanded the victims give him their valuables. The home owner confronted the suspect and struggled with him allowing his wife to escape through the residence and out the front door to call the police.{} The victim says he attempted to get away from the suspect by fleeing into the house as well but was unable to secure the door before Pearman forced his way into the house.{} Once inside he continued to demand the victims' valuables. The suspect eventually left the house without taking anything. The home owner says he retrieved his handgun and pursued the Pearman catching him before he had an opportunity to flee the area. Pearman is charged with two counts of 1st Degree Robbery and one count of 1st Degree Burglary. He's been placed in the Tuscaloosa County Jail where he is being held pending bonds totaling $180,000.

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