A visit to East Lake United Methodist

Organ under construction!

There's a church in East Lake that is shining brightly for the community. I got an opportunity to speak there and was extremely blessed.

The church members decided to stay and invest in the community. Each day lunch is offered to anyone for five dollars. On this day it was taco salad... I noticed mail carriers joined the senior group for the lunch.

I was also delighted to find out more about their outreach in the community. An after school tutoring program is a positive. Children can come to the church to get the extra help they need in the classroom. Teachers also teach the children in the community the Bible lesson of turning the other cheek.

What a wonderful reminder to turn the cheek not in weakness but in strength. If you think about it... It is probably harder to do the right thing and not retaliate against someone who has wronged you.

Could that be the answer to ending teen violence? Members at the church hope that is the case.

In this treasure in East Lake, I found another jewel. An organ being constructed of mainly refurbished pipes. In coming weeks you'll hear more about the man behind the organ. But he said something that struck me. He and the church are showing the community, nothing is a throw away. There is value in all people and things. Way to go East Lake United Methodist... And thanks for a blessing you were to me on this day!