UPDATE: Car belonging to elderly stabbing victim found

Someone killed a woman inside an Avondale apartment. A neighbor found her hours later. Police are searching for who did it. People who live near the woman are concerned.

A Birmingham Police lieutenant thinks some details of the homicide are unusual. The lieutenant revealed someone burglarized Linda Albritton's apartment, killed her and took her car. Investigators recovered the car on Labor Day and hope it offers clues.

A woman named Alice talked to ABC 33/40, but did not want her face shown on camera. She's lived in Avondale four years.

"It's been nice so far. This is a real surprise to us," said Alice.

Alice and her neighbors hope police officers find who killed Allbritton.

Police found Allbritton's body after one of her neighbor's missed seeing her.

"It's all older people who live in here. All older people," added Alice.

Allbritton's body was on the floor of her Four Winds East apartment. Investigators got an idea, while looking around the apartment, of what happened.

"There were some things ransacked, things out of place, so it appears whoever was in the residence was looking around and looking for something," Birmingham Police Lieutenant Sean Edwards.

Investigators say Allbritton's body had stab wounds in the chest and neck areas.

"There was a burglary. We believe something took place inside the residence where the owner was confronted or came into contact with one of the burglars," added Lt. Edwards.

Officers were looking for Allbritton's car and found it about a mile away from her apartment.

"Number one, we think it's just a place they ditched the car. Number two, we hope we can find some evidence inside the car. Again, that's going to take a very thorough investigation by one of our crime scene investigators," added Lt. Edwards.

The Avondale community has seen people return to the community to live, work and play.

"We were really intrigued about the park being fixed up and every thing over there. It's been nice. It's just been a big surprise," added Alice.

A surprise that serves as a reminder to stay alert.

Some people who live this neighborhood believe Allbritton had to call 911 on some things in the past. The police spokesman told ABC 33/40 records, so far, show police assisted Allbritton at this location only once.