AAA offering Tow for Life program

If your New Year's Eve celebration will include alcohol, this is news you can use. AAA Alabama offers party-goers a safe way home through its Tow for Life program, absolutely free.

You don't have to be a member of AAA.

There are some rules. It's only free up to ten miles, there will be a small charge if the distance is more. The vehicle must be operational. You must go home with your vehicle.

Clay Ingram, spokesperson with AAA Alabama says, "It's very little effort for a very potential reward to get home safely. A lot of people take that for granted. But, it is important that you have a safe New Year's Eve. Not just for you, but for the other people on the road around you."

To use the service, call 1-(800)-222-4357 that's 1-(800)-AAA-HELP. Ask for the 'Tow for Life' program.

The program runs from 6:00pm Monday evening until 6:00am New Year's Day.